About Us

The Division plans, develops and administers TWGHs’ social welfare services, including care and attention homes, residential care homes for the elderly, elderly homes, various kinds of elderly centres, enhanced home and community care services, integrated home care services, integrated services for family and young people, school social work and student guidance services, specialized counselling services, hotline services, residential child care services, nursery schools, day activities centres cum hostels for the mentally handicapped, integrated vocational rehabilitation centres, home-based training and support service, community mental health care service, care and attention homes for the disabled and aged blind, social enterprises operated by disabled people, holistic healthcare centre and a long stay care home. It also develops and supervises the operation of funeral parlours, coffin homes, columbarium, commemoration hall, cemeteries, temples and fortune-telling stalls.

In 2018/19, TWGHs operates 229 community services centres including:

Service Categories no. of Service Centres
Elderly Services
Youth and Family Services
Rehabilitation Services
Social Enterprises
Traditional Services
Total: 229

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