About Us

The Corporate Communications Branch (CCB) is responsible for both internal and external communication activities and strategies of TWGHs. By building up links with different stakeholders via various channels and branding activities, CCB is dedicated to enhancing the Group’s positive image and transparency. Sustaining a strong relationship with the media, the Branch seeks to provide the public with adequate information on the Group’s diversified and updated services as well as new development through engagement and collaboration with various media.

The Branch also supports and advises the Group on crisis management. Timely action and response is undertaken by the Branch with an aim to minimize the adverse effect exerted by the incidents. The Branch strives to enhance the status and popularity of TWGHs — the most well-established charitable organization in Hong Kong that evolves in pace with time – for greater public recognition and support through producing corporate publications, managing updates on web page and collaborating with external parties.

All external enquiries and requests, including those from the media, for shooting, performing voluntary service and visits are processed by CCB, while complaints from the public and service users are handled in accordance with a set of well-established procedures to respond to complaints and recommendations made by the public.