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Green Initiative Item 15 – Environmentally Friendly Paper Artifact Furnace

According to the Chinese tradition, large quantity of paper artifacts are incinerated each evening at funeral parlours. The incineration produces ashes and smoke emissions which may cause air pollution nuisance to the nearby dwellings. Under Tung Wah's green strategy pollution reduction, an environmentally friendly paper artifacts furnace will be constructed at the International Funeral Parlour to improve the air quality. Green features such as electrostatic precipitator, mist eliminator and wastewater reuse system will be introduced into the eco-furnace. The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) relevant Vetting Subcommittee approved our ECF Application for the environmentally friendly paper artifact furnace.

A technical seminar was held on 17 December 2013. The design methodology, operation experience, maintenance and the effectiveness of the air pollution control components have been shared with the stakeholders.

A Schematic Diagram of the Environmentally Friendly Paper Artifact Furnace

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