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Green Initiative Item 5 – Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating systems use the heat in solar radiation to produce hot water. Solar water heating system usually comprises of solar collectors and a water tank. The solar collectors absorb the heat in solar radiation to heat up water. The hot water so produced is stored in the storage tank for subsequent use.

The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) relevant Vetting Subcommittee approved a total of 4 TWGHs community services centres for installation of solar water heating system at roof of the centres as pilot project . Details of the community services centres and the work progress are listed below:

Services Units Work Progress
TWGHs Jockey Club Care and Attention Home for the Elderly Completed
TWGHs Tai Tung Pui Care and Attention Home Completed
TWGHs Wong Cho Tong Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre Completed
TWGHs Pao Siu Loong Care and Attention Home Completed

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