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CHEUNG Ka-cheung, 57, has been suffering from cerebral palsy since his infancy. This illness hampered his learning capability, behavior and personal development. Due to the nature of his spastic cerebral palsy, his muscles were unusually tight and stiff, hindering his movements and speech.

Mei Ling (Ka-cheung’s sister) worried and hesitated, “There was this one time where only my brother and mom were at home. My brother lost his balance and accidentally felt and hit on the edge of a cabinet. He got a deep cut at the back of his head and was bleeding non-stop. Mom couldn’t do much but to stand by my brother’s side worrying meanwhile because she wasn’t strong enough to help. The bleeding only stopped after I rushed home to send my brother to the emergency for stitching. After this accident, we quickly realized that our home didn’t have what’s best for my brother.”
In 1999, Ka-cheung left home and moved into TWGHs Jockey Club Kin Yat Home, a home out of home that offers 24-hour caring services including residential services, personal and health care. The water spa facility and treatments there helped Ka-cheung tremendously on dealing with pains coming along with muscle degeneration.

Encouraged by the social workers, Ka-cheung joined the “Art Academy” hosted at the nursing home and started to learn how to paint. He persisted with more and more practices. Over these years, he created number of exquisite art pieces and won his first award in 2008. In 2014, he was invited to the United States for a public exhibition.

“I am so glad that my brother could travel to Los Angeles for the exhibition. Flying long haul and visiting a foreign country might seem impossible to someone who is disabled. Thanks to the arrangement of the nursing home and care giver who went along with my brother, that his dream came true.” Mei Ling expressed her gratitude to the TWGHs.

“We hope that our residents can live a meaningful life with many opportunities to experience life in a positive way. It was never an easy life for this group of people with a degenerating body, they might only have limited time to do what they love. What we can do here is to try our very best to provide a quality and fruitful living experience to our residents.” shared by Fion, social worker at Kin Yat Home.

Today, Ka-cheung has overcome his physical limitations and living confidently in his artistic world.

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