Chairman Message

Dear Friends,

TWGHs Flag Day 2021

Taken root in Hong Kong, TWGHs has been keeping abreast of the times to serve the community through its medical, education and community services, while working hand in hand to build a harmonious society.

The territory-wide “TWGHs Flag Day” will be held in the morning of Wednesday, 25 August 2021 to raise funds for our community and education services. Your donations will be fully used to finance the services below:

  • Children and Youth Services – To offer caring support, assistance and counselling services to children and youth in need through our local services network
  • Family Services – To provide education programs and supportive services for families in need, and promote family well-being to build a harmonious society with care and respect
  • Elderly Services – To promote healthy and active ageing, and to initiate new services for young old, encourage them to enjoy their golden age to lead a fulfilled life
  • Social Enterprises/ Employment Services – To strengthen the support for social enterprises in creating more job opportunities and work training for the disadvantaged and the disabled.
  • Counselling Services – To provide healthy budgeting counselling and hotline services for the public on mental wellbeing, and supportive services for men and the addicts
  • Education Services – To support students from low income families and students with special education needs, enhancing whole-person development for all.

Act now! Your contribution will allow us to help more people in need. Please support the “TWGHs Flag Day” and share your love with the needy!

(TAM Chun Kwok)
Board of Directors