TWGHs X CRHK: “Tung Wah Embraces Charity”

Date: May to November 2015

To celebrate the 145th Anniversary, TWGHs has partnered with CRHK to roll out a series of programmes on the theme of “Tung Wah Embraces Charity”. Famous artists are invited to take part in the programmes and join us for the Anniversary celebrations.

With the slogan as “Keeping Benevolence Alive for 145 Years”, a number of fun-filled programmes will be launched to highlight the role of TWGHs in Hong Kong history and charity, inviting particularly the young people to support the work of TWGHs and help us spread the charitable spirit to every corner of Hong Kong.

Highlights of the programmes:

1. TWGHs Signature Services Promotion Trailer(萬大善事有東華)
Date: May to November 2015
Info: Videos of different themes will be broadcast each month in order to enhance public understanding of TWGHs diversified services. Themes include wedding preparation, special education, funeral and burial services etc. Famous artists will participate in the videos.

2. TWGHs Eight Special Occupation Recruitment(東華創奇職)
Date: May to November 2015
Info: To recruit the youth to work at TWGHs different service units for a day so as to introduce services of TWGHs less known by the members of the public.

3. TWGHs X Illustrator Charity Design Contest
Date: August 2015
Info: To invite the public to create a drawing under a specific theme for the chance to win a limited edition gift specially designed by a well-known illustrator.

4. TWGHs Sing with a Star Competition(東華卡拉接星Sing)
Date: September to November 2015
Info: To invite the public to submit their singing footages and solicit donation for TWGHs. The one solicited the highest amount of donation will have the chance to co-perform the song with a selected artist.

5. TWGHs since 1870 Radio Programmes(刻骨銘心東華情)
Date: October to November 2015
Info: To invite a number of heavyweighted guests to talk about Hong Kong’s past and present in order to highlight the history of TWGHs in the radio programmes.