Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) has taken root in Hong Kong and served the Chinese community for one and a half centuries. This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Group. As Chairman of TWGHs, I am more than honoured to be witnessing this historic moment together with our predecessors, my fellow Board Members, all TWGHs staff members and the general public.

An old Chinese saying goes, “A well-dredged river flows a long way, and a deep-rooted tree is lush with leaves.” As the first non-governmental charitable organisation founded by the local Chinese communities in Hong Kong, TWGHs has now become the city’s largest charitable organisation, with 343 service units in operation. With the well-being of the people as our priority, the Group provides the community with comprehensive and diversified medical, education, community and traditional services, while shouldering the responsibility of conserving and preserving the local history and culture, spreading its good deeds farther and wider.

As a charitable organisation with a history of 150 years, the Group is committed to the mission of “To heal the sick and to relieve the distressed, to care for the elderly and to rehabilitate the disabled, to promote education and to nurture the youngsters, to raise the infant and to guide the youth”. We fully understand the importance of keeping pace with the times in order to grow with every generation of Hong Kong people. Thus we carry out regular review to excel the quality and efficiency of our services, while expanding and renovating our service scopes in line with social changes, so as to provide appropriate support for service users.

The 150th Anniversary marks an important milestone for TWGHs! Following the example of our predecessors, my fellow Board Members and I, as well as all members of the management and staff, will continue to pursue benevolence and give priority to the well-being of the public. We will serve members of the public and work hand in hand with Hong Kong people for a better future, as we strive towards the goal of our Anniversary slogan “For Charity, We Go Beyond”. In this year, we will go deeper into the community and launch a number of celebrations, including a Skateboard Art Exhibition and Online Charity Auction, Man Mo Temple Autumn Sacrificial Rites, Flag Day, a thematic exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of Tung Wah Museum, a marathon for para-athletes, international medical seminars and so forth, aiming to share happiness with members of the public and to reach out to different communities with love and care.
I worked with different teams in the process of planning those celebrations. From designing the Anniversary logo and thinking of the theme, to planning of celebratory events, we made sure that all I’s were dotted and all T’s were crossed for every projects. While we were at it, we invited different teams for new attempts. In particular, we invited young illustrator Vivian Ho to create the 150th Anniversary key visual, which depicts the scene of a wonderful “Tung Wah Village” where people of different genders and ages are living happily and enjoying their life in their own way. The shapes and looks of the characters are so vivid, highlighting how TWGHs keeps up with the pulse of the times and meets people’s needs at different stages of life with diverse, comprehensive and innovative services.

I sincerely invite all sectors of the community to participate in the celebrations, not only to share our joy, but also to learn more about our role in the history and philanthropic culture of Hong Kong. I also appreciate your continuous support for TWGHs and to join us “For Charity” with heart  , and to “Go Beyond” with love and benevolence. Let’s work together hand in hand to accomplish more wonderful and meaningful stories for the future 150 years to come.

Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all current and former members of the Board of Directors, benefactors from all walks of life, various government departments, partners, and all our TWGHs colleagues for their ardent support over the years.

We will continue to serve members of the public with heart  and work with various sectors for a better and more harmonious society in Hong Kong!


Ginny MAN, Chairman
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals