Event Focus

To enhance donors’ awareness of the service provided by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Friends of Tung Wah will organize a series of donor gatherings to give everyone a chance to participate first and foremost. Please stay tuned to email news for the latest event details.

Donor Gathering Review:

Terrarium Workshop (24 October 2020)

Participants learning to create their own terrarium under the guidance of the florist from Rinato Eco Floral Shop

TWGHs Elderly Visit (11 January 2020)

Participants showing their care and bringing warmth to eldery through visiting their homes

Environmental Workshop (24 August 2019)

Participants taking part in the ECO Enzyme workshop with students from TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex

Tung Wah Historial Trail (9 March 2019)

Visiting Man Mo Temple

Participants at the Tung Wah Hospital Li Shiu Chung Memorial Building taking group photo


Deprived Family Gathering at Lunar New Year (18 January 2019)



Participants enjoying New Year’s Eve feast at Wai Yin Association Food-for-all Kitchen


Mid Autumn Festival Elderly Visit(22 September 2018)



Participants at the Tung Wah Hospital Wong Cho Tong District Elderly Community Centre having fun making snow skin mooncake