About Us

About Us

Where there is care, there is love. TWGHs launched the “Friends of Tung Wah” Monthly Donation Scheme in 2010. Your donation helps Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (“TWGHs”) to sustain and further develop its medical and health, education, community services, preservation of cultural heritage as well as traditional services. Let’s preserve our Hong Kong’s culture and spread the love to the vulnerable.

Your donation will be our motivation to serve the needy. Please join us as “Friends of Tung Wah”.

About TWGHs

The establishment of TWGHs could be traced back to Kwong Fook I-tsz, a small temple built at Tai Ping Shan Street on the Hong Kong Island in 1851 for people to house the spirit-tablets of their ancestors. The poor hygienic condition concerned a group of earnest Chinese community leaders. They proposed to raise funds and build a hospital. In 1869, $115,000 and a piece of land at Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan were granted by the Government to build the first Chinese hospital in Hong Kong: Tung Wah Hospital.

When the hospital buildings were being constructed, remains were found on the site. A cemetery was then built by the founding Directors to re-bury those remains near the Slaughter House at Kennedy Town which started the Group’s provision of community services. In 1880, TWGHs started its first free school to provide free education to the poor. Kwong Wah Hospital in Yaumatei and Tung Wah Eastern Hospital in Causeway Bay were built and commenced operation in 1911 and 1929 respectively. In 1931, the 3 hospitals were amalgamated into the “Tung Wah Group of Hospitals” under the management of one Board of Directors.