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Arrangement of Naming & Acknowledgement Items for Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment

29 April 2015

Arrangement of Naming & Acknowledgement Items for Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment

After years of planning, the redevelopment project of Kwong Wah Hospital, approved by the Government of HKSAR in February 2013, will commence soon.

Along with the redevelopment project, the existing memorial plaques, signages, porcelain photos and bronze statues of and inside Kwong Wah Hospital will be demolished, and the acknowledgement as well as naming will also end accordingly. Photographs of these items will be saved in digital format for record. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (‘The Group’) hereby expresses heartfelt gratitude for the generous support of all donors and well-wishers to the Group and the Hospital over the years.

The Group has, over the past few months, tried unrelentingly to reach all donors concerned to convey the above arrangement and sent photographs of acknowledgement plaques or items to them for their kind retention. However, as there is still a few number of donors who cannot be reached so far, this notice serves to inform them of the aforesaid arrangement with gratitude. As the redevelopment project will start very soon, should there be any enquiries, or if donors and their relatives wish to take photographs at Kwong Wah Hospital, please contact TWGHs Fund-raising Division at the earliest convenience, preferably before end of May 2015.

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