Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Fund-raising and Donations

Question 1: In what ways donors can make donation to Tung Wah?


Please visit Channels of Making Donations for details

Question 2: How can donors obtain their donation receipt?


Depending on their ways of donation, donors can request donation receipts as follows:

  • By e-mail (credit card): Please fill in all fields in the on-line donation form as far as possible so that we may mail the receipt to you based on the information provided.
  • By cheque: Please provide information on the intended receipt name and return address when forwarding your cheque to us so that we may mail the receipt to you.
  • Through bank: Please forward the original copy of the pay-in-slip (customer receipt) together with information on the intended receipt name and return address to us so that we may mail the receipt to you.
  • In person: Please advise our staff of the intended receipt name and return address so that we may issue receipt to you on spot and keep a mailing contact.
  • By PPS: owing to operational constraint, we are unable to collect your personal information for sending donation receipts.
  • By WeChat: Please select the「需要收據」checkbox in the donation form and fill in all required information.

Question 3: How long do donors have to wait for donation receipts after making donation?


Depending on their ways of donation, donation receipts would normally be issued to donors in the following time frame:
  • By e-mail (credit card): around 2-3 weeks after receiving e-mail (we have to receive payment from the bank first)
  • By mail-in cheque / pay-in-slip (original customer receipt): around 1-2 weeks after receiving the cheque / pay-in-slip (original customer receipt) (pending bank's confirmation)
  • In person with cheque: around 1-2 weeks after receiving the donation (pending bank's confirmation)
  • In person with credit card: around 2-3 weeks after registering the credit card information (we have to receive payment from the bank first)
  • In person with cash / pay-in-slip (original customer receipt): instantaneous
  • By WeChat: around 2-3 weeks after receiving email confirmation (when the transaction has been confirmed successful)

Question 4: Can donors earmark the use of their donations?


You can earmark your donations for any kind of services provided by us, such as free medical and free funeral services.

Question 5: What types of donations are accepted by Tung Wah?


In addition to monetary donations, we welcomes other forms of donation such as donation of properties, shares, valuable items, and bequests, etc.

Question 6: How can donors make donation to Tung Wah automatically and periodically?


In order to minimize repeated procedures, you can choose to make donation through credit card or bank transfer automatically and periodically, however, you need to give instructions to us for credit card payment or the bank concerned for auto-pay service regarding your donated amount and frequency.

Question 7: What kinds of acknowledgment would be offered to donors for their support?


Depending on the donation amount and donation scheme you prefer, we will offer various acknowledgment arrangements to you including naming of service centre, installation of porcelain photo and acknowledgment plaque at our service centres, presentation of donation cheque at fund-raising events, free dinner coupons, free tickets, and acknowledgment on printed matters, etc.

Question 8: Why was I unable to make a donation by WeChat and/ or Octopus through my mobile phone?


In order to make a donation by WeChat and/ or Octopus, donor’s mobile phone must meet the below requirements: By Octopus:
  • Only applicable to Android mobile device with NFC (Near Field Communication) feature or iOS mobile device that is equipped with Octopus Mobile Reader. For the most updated list of NFC device models that support Octopus Cards/products (“Octopus”) via the “Octopus” App, please refer to Octopus website www.octopus.com.hk/online-payment.
  • Only applicable to Octopus with a 9-digit number (eight digits plus one single digit inside the bracket).
  • Donors must install “Octopus” App and register its Octopus number prior to using the Service. The Service will be ready 24 hours after the registration.
  • Please check the balance of your Octopus or Octopus O! ePay before making a donation. The maximum payment amount of using the Octopus Online Payment Service for each Octopus is HK$1,000 per day and for O! ePay, the maximum payment amount is subject to the preset daily transaction limit of your O! ePay account. For more details about O! ePay account balance and daily transaction limit, please refer to http://www.oepay.com.hk/en/faq.html#s0q5 .
  • If you have any further enquiries regarding the use of Octopus Online Payment Service, please visit Octopus website at (http://www.octopus.com.hk/).
By WeChat:
  • Supports both iOS and Android (version 4.4 or above) Operation System.
  • Only applicable for WeChat App version 6.3.8 or above.
  • To use WeChat payment for donation, donors must follow the instruction on WeChat to register their Hong Kong Visa or Master Card.