Fund-raising and Donations

Inauguration of the Board of Directors 2009/2010 (02/04/2009)

Inauguration Ceremony

Date : Thursday, 2 April 2009

Time : 12:00 noon.

Venue : Assembly Hall, Tung Wah Hospital, 12 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wah, Hong Kong

List of Members of the Board of Directors


Dr. LEE Sam Yuen, John


Mr. LEUNG Ting Yu, Billy

Mr. CHANG Juo Hwa, Charles

Mrs. CHAN MAN Yee Wai, Viola

Dr. CHAN Un Chan, Ina

Mr. SZE Wing Hang, Ivan


Mr. LI Chu Kwan, Thomas

Mr. FUNG King Wai, Frederick

Ms. FUNG Dan Lai

Dr. KWONG Kai Sing, Benny


Mr. TAM Kwok Kiu, Edwin

Dato’ K. K. WONG

Mr. LEE Sheung Shing, Winston

Mrs. Katherine MA

Mr. CHAN Chi Sun

Miss LEUNG Wai Yan, Iris

Mr. LEE Yuk Lun

Ms. Maisy HO

Mr. YAU Chung Hong, Peter


On past occasions, well-wishers of Tung Wah and friends of the Board have sent floral gifts as a gesture of congratulation to our inauguration and we are thankful for such thoughtfulness. We would be more than pleased to receive your donations in lieu of floral gifts in order to utilize the resources for a more meaningful purpose. Your donation will definitely help us continue the provision of the much-needed services.

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