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Research Study on the History of Tung Wah

The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals has commissioned the Centre of Asian Studies of The University of Hong Kong to launch a research project on the history of Tung Wah. The research has been conducted in the perspective of the local history and the social context of Hong Kong while taking a retrospective look at the work, achievements and role of Tung Wah in the territory through the century, as well as the linkage between Hong Kong and overseas Chinese.

A book based on the above research study has been published with Dr. Elizabeth SINN, Honorary Associate Professor of the Centre of Asian Studies, The University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Thomas LAU Yun-woo as chief editors. Copywriting was taken up by a team of veteran researchers comprising Dr. Thomas LAU, Mr. KO Tim Keung and Ms. WONG Wai Ling.

During the colonial time, Tung Wah was in close relationship with the government, Mainland China and the Chinese communities abroad with active participation in various social affairs. A vast variety of welfare and relief work services were also provided. Therefore, by learning Tung Wah’s history, one can also understand the early history of Hong Kong.

Details available in Chinese: please click here to visit or PDF version