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Medical Equipment Donation Scheme (for Community Services) 2016-2017

Medical Equipment Donation Scheme (for Community Services) 2016-2017

We cordially solicit your support to our Medical Equipment Donation Scheme (for Community Services). Your donation enables us to enhance the medical facilities and allows us to provide a more comprehensive medical care and attention for the elderly, disabled and youth.

All direct expenses of the Scheme have been sponsored by TWGHs Board of Directors and no administrative costs will be deducted from the donations. Your donation will be fully used to finance the acquisition of medical equipment which will directly benefit the needy. We look forward to your generous support.

Message from Chairman :  Download Message
Donation Method and Acknowledgement
1. Donation in support of the procurement of medical equipment

  • For donation of $10,000 or above, acknowledgement will be arranged in TWGHs annual report
2. General Donation

  1. TWGHs will start the procurement procedure of the equipment upon receipt of the sponsorship. Donor will be informed by written of the progress in due course.
  2. Photo of the equipment will be sent to donor once installation is completed. Acknowledgement will be expired upon the disposal of the equipment.


Enquiry Hotline 1878 333 / 2859 7594 (Our staff will be pleased to provide you with detailed information of the event)