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Secretary for Education Visited TWGHs Ko Tech Kin Memorial Kindergarten

The Hon. NG Hak Kim, Eddie, SBS, JP, Secretary for Education, accompanied by Mrs. Katherine MA, the Chairman cum Supervisor of TWGHs Kindergartens, Mr. Albert Y.O. SU, Chief Executive, and staff of the Education Division, visited TWGHs Ko Tech Kin Memorial Kindergarten on 8 November 2016.

The headteacher introduced how the Art Education Programme of the School enriched students’ learning experience and artistic sense. Mr. Ng commended the close co-operation between parents and teachers, as well as the outstanding quality of teaching. He and Mrs. Ma then jointly observed lessons, participated in students activities and played musical instruments with them. At the end of the visit, students presented Mr. Ng with a framed picture made by the students which incorporated their creativity with the style of different famous artists.

Accompanied by Mrs. Katherine MA (back row, left 2), the Chairman cum Supervisor, the Hon. NG Hak Kim, Eddie, SBS, JP (back row, left 3), Secretary for Education, received a hand-made artwork from students.

The Hon. NG Hak Kim, Eddie, SBS, JP, (left 2), Secretary for Education, Mrs. Katherine MA (left 3), the Chairman cum Supervisor, Mr. Albert Y.O. SU (right 2), Chief Executive, and Mr. SZE Chun Fai, Jeff (right 1), Political Assistant to Secretary for Education, observed students’ learning in the classroom.

The Hon. NG Hak Kim, Eddie, SBS, JP (centre), Secretary for Education, Mrs. Katherine MA (left), the Chairman cum Supervisor, and Mr. Albert Y.O. SU, Chief Executive, exchanged views on kindergarten education.