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TWGHs Education Tour to Minhang District, Shanghai

A TWGHs delegation visited various education units in Minhang District, Shanghai between 10 and 12 April 2016. Led by Dr. TSOI Wing Sing, Ken, Vice-Chairman cum Chairman of Education Committee, and Mr. YEUNG Ka Shing, Director, the delegation was formed by representatives from 6 TWGHs secondary schools, namely Lee Ching Dea Memorial College, Chang Ming Thien College, Li Ka Shing College, Kwok Yat Wai College, Lo Kon Ting Memorial College and C.Y. Ma Memorial College.

The delegation visited Minhang District Education Bureau, East China Normal University and Minhang Institute of Education, and received the warm hospitality of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee and of Minhang District. The delegation also met 2 TWGHs alumni who are currently pursuing tertiary education in Shanghai. During the Visit, the 6 TWGHs secondary schools signed sister-school agreements with their counterparts in Minhang District to deepen collaboration on education between Minhang District and Hong Kong.

Dr. TSOI Wing Sing, Ken (right 4), Vice-Chairman cum Chairman of Education Committee, and Mr. YEUNG Ka Shing (left 4), Director, let the delegation to pay a visit to East China Normal University.

A group photo of the TWGHs delegation and Minhang District Education Bureau officials after the Agreement Signing Ceremony of Sister-schools between Hong Kong and Minhang District.

Dr. TSOI Wing Sing, Ken (left 2), Vice-Chairman cum Chairman of Education Committee, the delegation and school representatives of TWGHs Li Ka Shing College, met TWGHs alumni whom were studying in Shanghai tertiary institutions.