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TWGHs “Good People, Good Deeds: English Writing Competition 2020-21″ – Arrangement on the Panel Interview and Ceremony

After thorough consideration by the Committee, top ten finalists have been selected from the Junior Level (Primary 4 – 6), Middle Level (Secondary 1 – 3) and Senior Level (Secondary 4 – 6) respectively. The teachers-in-charge of concerned schools will be notified about the details of the interview by email, so as to prepare for the finalists’ attendance to the interview on 21st July (Wednesday) or 22nd July (Thursday). The adjudicating panel is comprised of representatives from the Education Bureau, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Education University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong.

The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held in September. The top ten finalists will be invited to join the ceremony with their Principals/Headmasters, teachers and parents. We would make appropriate arrangements in response to the latest situation of the pandemic. Your support is much appreciated.