Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Fund-raising and Donations

Inauguration of the Board of Directors 2017-2018 (01.04.2017)


List of Members of the Board of Directors

Chairman Dr. LEE Yuk Lun, JP
Vice-Chairmen Mr. Vinci WONG
Dr. TSOI Wing Sing, Ken
Ms. Ginny MAN
Mr. TAM Chun Kwok, Kazaf
Mr. MA Ching Yeung, Philip
Directors Mr. AU Yu Fan, Gabriel
Ms. CHIU Yi, Cindy
Mr. WAI Ho Man, Herman
Mr. HO Yau Kai, Orlando
Ms. CHOI Ka Yee, Crystal
Ms. TSENG Hing Wun, Wendy
Mr. Derrick FUNG
Ms. YAN Zi
Mr. MO Yu Fung, Billy
Mr. NG Kwok Wing, Michael
Mr. TSUN Kok Chung, Richard
Mrs. FAN TSANG Hei Man, Dennia
Mrs. CHEN HUANG Yanjun, Selena

Appeal for Donation in Lieu of Floral Gifts

Well-wishers of Tung Wah and friends of the Board Members who are prepared to send floral gifts as a gesture of congratulations to the inauguration of the Board of Directors (2017-2018) are earnestly appealed to make donation in lieu of floral gifts in order to utilise the resources for a more meaningful purpose.  Your donation will definitely help us continue the provision of the much-needed services.

[Download donation form / Make donation via VISA/MASTER CARD, PayPal and Octopus on-line]