Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

About Us

With 58 education services centres, including a Tung Wah College, 18 secondary schools, 14 primary schools, 18 kindergartens, 3 special schools, 2 Educational Psychology Services Centre, a talent education centre, an academy of music and a playgroup centre for pre-school children. The Division is responsible for the planning, development and supervision of TWGHs’ education services. It also facilitates the communication and experience sharing among TWGHs’ schools.

The educational psychologists and clinical psychologists of our Student Guidance and Counselling Section provides direct services as well as consultation and support services for schools. The direct services include assessment, intervention as well as referral for students with special educational needs. The consultation and support services include assisting the schools in setting up school-based support policies, programmes and measures as well as organizing training activities. To meet the society needs for student support services, an Educational Psychology Service Centre was established in September 2010 to provide educational psychology services to schools and the community.

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