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TWGHs Student Ambassador Delegation Visited London

Led by Mrs. Katherine MA, the Chairman cum Honorary Supervisor, the Delegation, consisting of 22 student ambassadors in Form 5 from 18 TWGHs secondary schools, visited London from 29 October to 5 November 2016 to study British economy, life and culture, and learn about the experiences of Chinese people living in the United Kingdom. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Dr. SUN Yat Sen. He lived in London temporarily in his early years and the Delegation took this opportunity to follow in his footprints in London, understand his experience, as well as his determination and ambition in building modern China.

During the 8-day tour, the Delegation visited the Chinese Embassy, British Museum and Dr. Sun’s old residence in London, allowing them to catch a glimpse of the determination and the affection he held for modern China despite the difficult situation he was facing. Visits to the British Parliament, Victoria and Albert Museum, University of Cambridge and University College London were arranged so the students could experience British culture. To understand the life of Chinese living abroad and learn about Chinese culture from a different perspective, they visited a local Chinese community organisation to hear about the past experiences of Chinese immigrants, how they have integrated into British society and passed on Chinese culture to the next generation. The students also interviewed Lord Wilson of Tillyorn which gave them the chance to view Chinese culture from the Western perspective, and visited the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London. After these encounters, the students were better able to appreciate British society’s inclusiveness and its integration of different cultures, and were impressed by the persistent and self-improving spirits of Chinese people, as well as the profundity of Chinese culture.

Designed to promote “All-round Education”, TWGHs, Student Ambassador Programme was rolled out in 2015 to provide student ambassadors with training in different life skills. Through the Student Ambassador Programme, students are provided with opportunities to learn about different cultures so they can not only build a more diverse and multi-dimensional world vision, but also cultivate their leadership, organisational and interpersonal skills. Over 150 students ambassadors have completed training so far.

A group photo of TWGHs Student Ambassadors at the University College London.

Accompanied by Dr. LEE Yuk Lun, JP (right 1), and Ms. Ginny MAN (left 1), Vice-Chairmen, Mrs. Katherine MA (left 2), the Chairman, exchanged souvenirs with Mr. WANG Huabin, Deputy General Manager, Bank of China (London).

Led by Mrs. Katherine MA, the Chairman, the Delegation was received by Ms. SHEN Beili, Minister of Chinses Embassy in the United Kingdom and learned about the life of Chinese here.

TWGHs Student Ambassadors also visited the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London.

TWGHs Student Ambassadors visited Chinese Community Centre and received by Ms. Christine YAU, MBE (3rd row, right 8), Chairman of the Centre, and Mr. Hanue CHAN (3rd row, right 6), Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the Centre.

Student Ambassadors interviewed Lord Wilson of Tillyorn (2nd row, left 7) and studied Chinese culture from the Western perspective.

Mrs. Katherine MA (2nd row, left 5), the Chairman, led some of the TWGHs Student Ambassadors on a visit to Lord Wei (2nd row, left 6), Member of House of Lord in the Parliament.