Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Medical Services

Question 1: Do I need to pay for my consultation received at the Chinese Medicine General Outpatient Clinics?


Tung Wah Group of Hospitals provides free internal medicine and bone-setting consultation services at the Chinese Medicine General Outpatient Clinics in Tung Wah Hospital and Kwong Wah Hospital.

Question 2: How to register for the free medical consultation services at the Chinese medicine general outpatient clinics?


Patients only need to follow the instruction of clinic staff to queue up to get a numbered ticket. Next they will register for internal medicine or bone-setting consultation in the order of the number on the tickets at the registration counter. Then they will wait at the waiting hall for their turn to receive free internal medicine or bone-setting consultation at designated consultation room. All numbered tickets will be distributed to patients on a first come first served basis every working day and no booking appointment services are available.

Question 3: When can I queue for taking the prepared herbal paste dressing?


To save your time for better queuing order, it is recommended to attend the clinic for taking the prepared herbal paste dressing after 10 am in the morning or 3 pm in the afternoon.

Question 4: I was prescribed with prepared herbal paste dressing for external use during a bone-setting consultation at the Chinese Medicine General Outpatient Clinic. Are there any precautions for applying the dressing?


Patients should follow the instructions of the Chinese medicine practitioner / herbal assistants when using the prepared herbal paste medication. The medication dressing is recommended to be applied to the affected part of the body for 4-8 hours each day. The dressing should NOT be applied together with other bone-setting medication, like pain relieving oil. Remove the dressing immediately and wash thoroughly with water if the affected part itches or burns. Consult your doctor or arrange a follow-up session if needed.

Question 5: The Chinese medicine general outpatient clinics offer free medical consultation services only and there is no dispensing services. How can a patient assess safe and reliable dispensing services?


Patients will receive prescriptions after internal medicine consultation and then they may purchase the herbs as prescribed at herb shops of their choice. It is recommended that herbs are to be purchased at herb shops with valid retailer license in Chinese herbal medicines as the operation of these shops are regulated by the Chinese Medicine Ordinance.

A modern dispensary is established at each of the 4 Chinese medicine clinical research and services centres under Tung Wah. The dispensaries provide Chinese medicine dispensing and decocting services to patients of our Chinese medicine outpatient clinics who carry valid prescriptions at affordable prices. There are three types of Chinese medicine available, namely the raw herbs, concentrated CM granules and single Chinese herb extracts.