Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Medical Services


Chinese Medicine ServicesThe medical and health services of Tung Wah aim at providing Western and Chinese health care services to the community, as well as expanding services which fall out of the current public health system to cater for the specific needs of the community through the collaboration with the Government and institutions from both public and private sectors.



Chinese Medicine ServicesTWGHs have been providing Chinese Medicine (CM) services to the public for over 135 years. The first hospital of TWGHs – Tung Wah Hospital, has been providing CM inpatient and outpatient services since its establishment. In 1896, the first Chinese doctor (Dr. Chung Boon-chor) trained in western medicine was appointed “Chief” of the hospital. This marked the beginning of Tung Wah Hospital as a medical institution offering both CM and Western medical services. Our second hospital, Kwong Wah Hospital , which was established in 1911 on Kowloon side and the third hospital established in 1929, the Tung Wah Eastern Hospital at Causeway Bay, also offered both Chinese and Western medicine. Patients were free to choose their favourite form of treatment. In 1942, under Japanese occupation, Chinese herbs were in short supply, while at the same time the Japanese Authority told the hospital to stop all CM services. As a result, only limited western medical services were provided to inpatients. After the war, only CM outpatient services were resumed.

Chinese Medicine ServicesAfter 1997, to be in line with the Chinese Medicine policy advocated by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), TWGHs initiated a number of projects aiming at enhancing our CM services, including the collaboration with local universities in evidence-based research projects, the organization of Chinese and western medical symposia and the establishment of research-oriented CM clinical research and services centres. These centres integrate the concept of western medicine practice into clinical operation and provide bases for clinical research.

Chinese Medicine ServicesIn 2006, TWGHs established two integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment centres at Kwong Wah Hospital and Tung Wah Hospital to provide Chinese medicine services to inpatients. These two centres serve to promote the complementary development of Chinese and Western medicine which in turn contributes to the development of Chinese medical infrastructure. Similar services have been launched in TWGHs Wong Tai Sin Hospital and Tung Wah Eastern Hospital later on in 2007 and 2008 respectively. In 2009, TWGHs established its third integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment centre at TWGHs Fung Yiu King Hospital.
Dedicated to promoting modernisation and scientific development of Chinese medicine, TWGHs also set up the Chinese Medicine Control Centre in 2006 to conduct identification and authentication experiments on Chinese herbs.