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Objective: TWGHs Lee Yen & Lee Yuk Lun, JP, Father & Son Centralized Decoction Centre, the first and largest-scale decoction facility run by non-governmental organization in Hong Kong, was established in 2015. It aims to provide high-quality and convenient dispensing and decocting services to clients, and to inherit Chinese medicine decoction by modern decocting technology.
 Scope of Service:
Dispensing and Decocting Services
The Decoction Centre provides high-quality raw herbs supplied by GMP manufacturer, inherits traditional Chinese medicine decocting method by modern decocting technology, and exerts the advantages and efficacy of raw herbs.
Home or Office Delivery of Decoction
Clients can choose to collect the decoction at Chinese medicine centre, or can request for office or home delivery services provided directly by couriers at their own costs to save the transportation time to and from centre to collect drugs. The Decoction Centre endeavors to provide high quality and efficient one-stop decocting and delivery services to clients.
  • The Decoction Centre has floor area of 4,000ft2, is equipped with 24-hour air conditioning and climate control pharmacy and herb store, which ensures the raw herbs are kept under suitable temperature and humidity, quality and safety of raw herbs can be guaranteed.
  • The centre is equipped with 20 sets of Korea made large-scale computerized decoction machines which have steam circulation and return, and automatic squeeze functions, can thoroughly decoct the raw herbs, keep the effective components and completely separate the decoction liquid from raw herb debris. The machine can automatically pack each dose of Chinese medicine decoction into sealed, heat durable PVC bags which comply with the food safety standard, packing quantity can be standardized to ensure equal quantity for each bag.
  • Decoction water is filtered by water filtering system, the water sample has passed the test of lead, other harmful heavy metals and Legionella sp.
  • Decoction centre possesses Retailer and Wholesaler licences in Chinese Medicine issued by the Department of Health, and is under supervision by Chinese medicine pharmacist, the whole process of dispensing and decocting is operated according to the standard operation procedure.
  • The centre utilizes full computerized operation, linking with other Chinese medicine centres under Tung Wah Group through the computer network, once Chinese medicine practitioner prescribes Chinese herbs, the Decoction Centre immediately receives the prescription through the connection with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Chinese medicine clinical information system, which electronically records and monitors the whole Chinese medicine dispensing and decoction procedures. The decoction will be prepared by the Centralized Decoction Centre and delivered to the Chinese Medicine Centre normally within 4 hours.
Service Hours:

Mon to Fri:

8:30a.m. to 7:00p.m.


8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Closed on Sundays & Public Holiday

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